SweetPea3 – MP3 player for kids

SweetPea3 is great MP3 player that is designed especialy for kids and is most appropriate for kids ages 0-6 years.
For infants use it to play music and lullabies for babies. As they grow, you can upload songs and stories for kids.
Toddlers and little kids can learn to operate the player by themselves. Kids love music and SweetPea3 makes music accessible for them.

SweetPea3 mp3 kids players

The child controls 3 buttons:
Middle button: On, Play/Stop – SweetPea remembers the last position in track upon startup.
Right button: Play next song (press and hold for fast forward through song)
Left button: Play previous song (press and hold for fast rewind through song)

Parental Controls
By simultaneously pressing the Left and Right buttons for 6 seconds – parents can access the special settings menu. This menu sets:
Volume – parental access only
Current playlist – you can store songs in up to 99 playlists. Current playlist loops back to beginning and plays continuously.
Automatic Off time – parents can set the automatically shut off time to ‘never’ up to 2 hours of play. by default SweetPea3 shuts off automatically after one minute when not in use.

More product information:
plays all the popular music and audio book formats.
2GB memory stores up to 32 hours of music and stories
USB port (cable included)
you can download your own music copied from a CD or purchased from stores like iTunes or Amazon.com
The SweetPea3 comes preloaded with music by Susie Tallman and stories by Jim Weiss.

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